Food Basics Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 4)

produce ontario greenhouse17 love local ontario greenhouse 98€ each tomatoes on the vine canada no 1 grade raspberries blackberries product of mexico 130 this week only each each pront of canad sweet assorted peppers red peppers sweet vidalia onions limes limes limes seedless cucumbers parduct of ontario canada no 1 grade orasele vidalia russet potatoes pr sunshine sweet this week only sweet corn product of sa pkg of green or grey zucchini dale dole coleslaw or garden salad moducto extra large extra large red seedless redse grapes nectarines product of usa peaches this week only broccoli crowns product of usa or mexico each seedless navel oranges product of spain this week only qale andy boy this week only romaine hearts product of sliced white or cremini mushrooms product of ontario forelle pears production this week only 1⁹9 genndars clementines clementin clementines meat renées caesar cesar famille fontaine family fletcher's cottage roll fresh chicken drumsticks johnsonville les douces fletchers porce roul cured traite this week only fontaine fresh seasoned veal kefta grain fed 5⁹⁹ johnsonville breakfast dinner or smoked sausages selected varieties 4.⁹9 this week only sach this week only balderson cheddar or irresistibles goat cheese star pillers haddock pepperoni this week only this week only high liners week only signature maddock bites or lemons limes piller's meat snacks selected varede the deli-shop dell suced meat muchrane fish wings 10⁹⁹ each bakery dempster's 100% whole grains zero zero bread bagels wan pay $3.99 ea www telah dempstefs bagels this week only rudolph grape tomatoes product of usa or me multi everything mini seedless cucumbers product of ontario canadanos top dempsters 09-08 winkies del's pastry turnovers cinnamon buns selection duo loaf cakes selected muffins fiddleheads selection cookies selected ves this week only russet 4.⁹9 and renée's dressings selected varties potatoes product of canada dempster's english muffins or hostess snack cakes pack&selected varieties avocados bag of sor 4.⁹9 june jumbos schneiders or greenfield wieners or smoked sausages selected carties 5⁹9 schneiders sliced deli slice snack kits or greenfield lunchkits selected varieties rudolph's bread selected var this week only each fresh atlantic salmon fish fillets family pack product of canada lou's this week only lou's kitchen fully cooked entrées selected varieties smoked ham sambon schneiders or maple leaf smoked boneless half ham 12⁹⁹ fresh boneless sirloin tip roast or family pack steak migher grade of beef this week only 12⁹⁹ fresh cap off rib steaks family pack cut from canada aa or de of igher canties last this week only poco original pogo original breaded sausages mlected va dempster's this week only pinty's pinty's week only 13⁹⁹ sea delight tuna steak marected you the pub & grill breaded chunks fillets or flings selected vartores

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