Food Basics Flyer - 12/03-12/09/2020 (Page 3)

pudele ceu produce grad jumbo papaya product of mexico this week only green or red seedless grapes product limes blueberries product of peru or chile no 1 grade kiwi product of italy or greece goldenberries product of colombia canary melons product of brazil limes this week only this week only each each avocados product of mexico limes product of mexico love local ontario carrots carottes this week only each tomatoes on the vine carrots or yellow onions product of ontario canada no.1 grade jwe love local cada love local hand-picked-cueillica a la man gala this week only was this week only each asparagus product of peru or mexico no 1 grade mini seedless cucumbers product of mexko or canada no 1 grade each beets product of canada canada no 1 grade slb bag leeks each local ontario apples product of onur canada fant grade dung selected warieties usa sweet assorted peppers product of mexiko or honduras no 1 grade pkg of usa sess clentines pears poires this week only this week only persimon bouquet each bartlett pears clementines product of morocco 2 kg holiday favourites vanilla persimmons product of spain case make your salad sizzle! date irresistibles chocolate covered halves and pieces or love local bro just chicken suora fruit almindsam holiday favourites holiday favourites dole dole dole each fresh cranberries hoot of canada canada no 1 grade each om chicken chicken kit eestyres van chicken pero casas renco ulter doveoma irresistibles fruit and nut carousels selected varieties this week only holiday favourites holiday favourites new each try all each lach dole salad kits varieties irresistibles celebration nut tray

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