Food Basics Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 2)

love local meet the locals local for less we've got a lot of love for local and as we love cauliflower! for less large average we love local for less cultive au colinete microso leur consumos love for less the fresh crunchy kind that comes from ancaster where it's picked in the morning and delivered to a food basics store near you this week only each whole seedless watermelon product of ontario basket cauliflower peaches product of ontario product of ontario canada no 1 grade this week only odiate cherries harvested agropur in canada each cerises recoutes au canada iögo yogourt selected varieties canadian récolte harvest canadienne cream creme conto each dantes des 850g canadian lait cand broccoli product of canada this week only original dutch quality each schep's bakeries double dutch waffle cookies barte ble waffles with a sp each otager old marble cherche cheddar chest balderson balderson fromager fromna qedar fort marbre iogo we love local for less double dutch we love local for less srshaine special syrup cadd j'aime i love this week only each whole white or cremini mushrooms romaine hearts we love local for less love local check out our loca and visit get ready to save! great prices start on thi each balderson cheddar cheese fmul1fmul1fmul1v4 fb2fb2fb2

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