Food Basics Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

meat this week only this week only lou's kitchen cured pork peameal chub while quantities last fresh pork side ribs centre cut removed selection brealdast sausages saucisses à déjeuner fresh selection pork sausages family pack money garlic or breakfast prime turkey dinde prime maple leaf prime extra lean ground turkey or raised without antibiotics ground chicken selected varieties this week onlys this week only raised without antibiotics eleve sans antibiotiques each butterball butterball fresh seasoned turkey breast bone-in split fresh boneless striploin steaks family pack cut from canada aa or higher grade of beef this week only this week only creceinfrastraus souvlak srooms de fortrine gepolit- pork back ribs moky cotes de es de dos de porc hours new nouveau schneiders red hots wieners family pack selected varieties swiss ent schneiders redhots this week only this week only this week only all pork tout porc each each each marc angelo souvlaki family pack chicken turkey or pork swiss chalet bbq pork back ribs selected varieties lu smart mieustio naturalia rachel's pastrami style beed brisket style de pastrami beef burgers bebeuf prime raised no raised artificial without without leti antibiotics breaded chicken or wings selected varieties locked down @ buffal wing this week only this week only con клсн each rachel's corned beef or pastrami style beef brisket life smart naturalia beef burgers or chicken breast ch - frozen selected varieties eneo fromage piller's piller's sausage chubs or pepperoni for pizza selected varieties silani feta cheese selected varieties while quantitis last humus traan toppings this week only this week only this week only pepperoni feta vel fromage か pillers kolbassa each each each fontaine santé hummus or dips selected varieties product of italy nomiast potining au fos high liner maple leaf natural selections deli sliced meat or schneiders mini or small stick pepperoni selected varieties marc angelo deli sliced meat selected arties antipasto misto high liner family pack fish fillets selected varieties natural selections english style this week only this week only this week only fillets each lach

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