Food Basics Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 5)

lou style meat family pack meleder chicken poulet sed aumeros fresh pork tenderloin this week only this week only $ alb alb lean ground beef family pack thentiero fresh from the farm mild italian boneless skinless authentic fresh italienne douce chicken breast pork sausages family pack family pack hot mild honey garlic or english banger this week only local ontario fresh focal foo farm lontario л.в each sirloin tip roast or family pack steaks cut from canada aa or higher grade of beef this week only this week only л.в alb haddock or tilapia fish fillets previously frozen maple lodge poulet chicken or genre butterball saucisses turkey homestyle seasoned show roasted bacon shaved beef selected varit zipopak au jus beef plant-based aster burger this week only bufeta base de paietes this week only boeuf émince au jus this week only outh eacon style maple leaf lou's kitchen fully genre con each each cooked entrées or each based burgers double smoked grinds or sausages back bacon old fashioned eli dixie bacon osscs coleslaw deli macaroni this week only recett! this week only this week only clossics cheese johnsonville dinner each each keybrand salads breakfast or smoked selection bacon or pay 1.79 each boursin saputo mini friulano or maple leaf natural natural selections hummus boursin sliced total cheese deli meat selected varieties ail mini friulano this week only fincs herdes this week only this week only prer chocken bacon kitchen bacon johnsonville fontglee boursin teach lach each non fontaine santé spreads row pale white high liner cooked pacific whine shrimp grade crevettes blanches du pacifique cung vettes blanches du pacifique one pillers toppings piller's sausage chubs or pepperoni for pizza selected varietis english style fillets pepperoni this week only this week only this week only pillers each each each high liner family pack fish fillets irresistibles raw or cooked pacific white shrimp

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