Foodland Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2020 (Page 2)

vidalia sweet onions product of usa large eggplant product of usa local product of ontario green asparagus no 1 grade weekend grillin' product of ontario grillhouse bbq bakers potatoes canada no 1 grade ona grillhouse bakers bbq-plus berpu uw local jumbo yams product of usa no 1 grade green zucchini product bag made in-store product of usa no 1 grade free avocados product of mexico of color lesser value made in-store vegetable grillers lemons product of south africa or argentina limes product of mexico navel oranges floral available at most stores wonder pistachios buy 1 at $4.99 buy 2 or more wonderful pistachios roasted or raw grown in ontario gerbera assorted colours 4.5" pot canada day garden canada day bouquet bakery fresh fruit or chocolate dulce trifle available at most stores buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more baked in-store garlic bread or compliments muffins 4-6 pk family size apple baked in-store inspired by traditional french recipes gourmet cheese hot dog or hamburger buns baked in-store baked in-store buy 1 at $4.29 buy 2 or more 100% butter pastries real cream layered bar cheese swirl pizza or garlic and cheese buns get 25 bonus miles 95 miest ang mga para sa mga tao a2 a2

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