Foodland Flyer - 10/28-11/03/2021 (Page 3)

meat anterior bus dantes compliments air-chilled naturally simple split chicken compliments ground chicken pork back ribs family size employer of the pork shoulder blade chops month "these medallions are a tender and affordable steak that is ideal for any midweek meal." at foodland caledon top sirloin medallions cut from canada aa grade beef top sirloin medallions cut from canada aa grade beef boneless pork shoulder compliments bologna boldone starting at compliments smoked sausage compliments sliced meats compliments fully cooked compliments cured pork loin peameal bacon volue sure - formet vele value size compliments bolsos compliments bele lasaha lasagne au beu compliments de carros shares acho com compliments burgers selected varieties compliments pork back rib compliments lasagna 2.27 kg compliments cabbage rolls compliments compliments compliments compliments balance imitation crab or lobster meat compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties compliments smoked salmon compliments fully cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce available at most stores tuscan-inspired tomato & basil deli mix & match panache castello tickler buy 1 at $6.99 buy 2 or more punache panache chilled soup see in store for more varieties panache fewer tvican inspired tomato & basil hout soul aux tomates it au basilic aua toscane castello panache brief panache italian meats aged havarti or vintage gouda 200 g or castello creamy brie homestyle chicken noodle poulet et nouilles genre maison freybur freyler pepperoni snackers pepperoni snackers tech normas grega buy 1 at $4.99 blooks homestyle buy 2 or more chicken noodle compliments goat cheese freybe snackers selected fan நகசோகன் galata hai பா sliced fresh sliced fresh terram mites when you spend s8 or more when you buy 2 amint piem cdeo piller's salami selected panache oven roasted turkey breast summer fresh fontaine sante hummus regular or topped like free groceries? towards your purchases fde wiczo-novoj polontzi

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