Foodland Flyer - 04/14-04/20/2022 (Page 6)

pantry jumbo compliments chicken broci poulet et riz jumbo shreddias super squeeze s why georges cranberry quaker almond ench quick oats large bonus flora free compliments ready-to-eat soup 540 ml post jumbo cereal selected compliments apple sauce snack 4-6 pk quaker oats selected varieties oceans compliments comments dole pineapple tidbits compliments retounen jellied cranberry dole pineapple slices ortan sprei whole berry cranberry ene compliments canned tomatoes tomatoes 540 ml compliments canned legumes dole pineapple ocean spray cranberry sauce clover leaf flaked light tuna baker's compliment gesses clover leaf flakeo light tuna wman baker's bonus clover leaf skipjack tuna flavoured tuna compliments ketchup 100% canadian baker's chocolate compliments pie filler or pure pumpkin compliments coconut late coco sampitment coconut milk lait de coco ben's original grande eurekort panache mazola mazola panache extra virgin olive oil mazola vegetable oil compliments coconut milk regular or lite ben's original converted rice home essentials finish nuo alcan ous finish rivzw alcan 50' sunlight finish leben buy 1 at $3.49 all inima buy 2 or more compliments laundry detergent fabric softener dryer sheets reusable towel dish soap finish jet dry dish pods alcan foil wrap reynolds parchment paper gloss compliments ziploc charmin kleeney soft cashmere landi bounty ziploc compliant hich curso jared bonus charmin bathroom tissue 12=36 rolls or bounty paper towel 6=9 rolls cashmere bathroom tissue 8=16 rolls or kleenex facial tissue 3-6 pk ziploc freezer bags 10-38 pk or sandwich 180 pk compliments grip n tite garbage bags milkbone esar one lone milione farer's tasty redes reness meow cesar lembarcela anea ere "mx large testeringe meow mix cat food purina one smartblend cesar wet dog food variety pack milk-bone biscuits farmer's medley colgate baby pampers baby wine colgate sensitive pampers bonus axe hair care body wash deodorant or body spray colgate total advance optic white or pro relief toothpaste manual toothbrushes 1pk selected baby gourmet plus or protein organic fruit & vegetable purée pouches selected pampers wipes selected enroll at! start enjoying the benefits of the air miles* reward program today! ported fdl w sposont ze

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