Foodland Flyer - 06/13-06/19/2019 (Page 3)

meat minod tury compliments extra lean minced grillin' with dad fresh pork side ribs family size chicken fillets fresh pork tenderloin compliments sterling traditional arbecue starting at family size sterling silver eye of round roast or steaks cut from canada aaa grade compliments pork back ribs shkolle paler's pillers pillers beet pot roast trio starting at piller's mini pepperoni or turkey bites lou's fully cooked quick-n-easy entrées johnsonville pork smoked piller's breakfast trio or breakfast compliments complimente see compliments balance équilibre chicken & vegetable ple vectable beef legumes paté au poulet et aux légumes extra lean turkey burger burger de cinde extra maigre buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more starting at asian inspirations entrées or muldoon's compliments traditional super 6 or compliments balance burgers compliments egg rolls or spring rolls compliments individual or large meat pies perfect for the stre grill english style new canadian 2-3 oz lobster tails frozen or previously frozen true north salmon cakes frozen or previously frozen sensations by compliments uncooked colossal freshwater high liner family favourites breaded or battered fish selected sau available at most stores free of equal or lesser value sensations by compliments sliced cheese coca cola starting at com micro compliments salsa complimentary day pass pol comum summer meal deal ontario parks day pass when you purchase the summer meal deal for 19.99 ea see in store for details california rolls freybe freyle freglar mastro pepperoni snackers pepperon pepperoni snackers ser snackers salas prosciutto deli served buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more starting at agropur notre dame brie l'extra camembert or champfleury cheeses selected snacking pepperoni or coils selected freybe pepperoni snackers selected 1258 off mastro salami selected summer food fair sample summer snacks in stores and donate $2 to support local special olympics programs a3 a3 a3

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