Foodland Flyer - 10/17-10/23/2019 (Page 3)

family size meat fresh pork blade steaks or roast sterling moetvcuent pouvo sensations by compliments flattened chicken fresh sausage sterling silver inside round roast cut from canada aaa grade beef schneiders chicken tania cara pepperettes pprwood bois & pommier genre poulet acon tra schneiders pepperettes or sensations by compliments thick cut bacon lou's sliced boneless cured pork loin maple lodge farms chicken compliments ianes compliments wong wing bed bugs burgers de bord cgg rolls pâtés imperiaux traditional meat lasagna lasagne à la viande traditionnelle pub style chicken strips da que buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more wa 27 compliments traditional super 6 oz or compliments balance burgers wong wing rolls or egg rolls janes chicken popcorn chicken compliments lasagna 2.27 kg compliments scrum ianes ultimates bartered haddoxk new new buy 2 or more fresh atlantic salmon portions product of canada sensations by compliments smoked atlantic sensations by compliments bacon-wrapped or black tiger shrimp janes ultimates breaded or battered fish available at most stores get free chicken wing sauce selected 250 ml reg 1.99 when you buy chicken wings buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more compliments naturally simple oven roasted chicken or turkey breast or smoked black forest ham sensations by compliments or cervelat salami party pack chicken wings breaded or plain sauced or unsauced available hot or chilled ready to go bonus miles when you purchase one beef or turkey meatloaf and one compliments mashed potatoes starting at product of ontario compliments feta cheese sensations by compliments aged cheddar cheese 2.3.4 or 5 year product beef or turkey meatloaf compliments mashed potatoes kitchen prepared bonus miles sensations by compliments fresh goat cheese selected 1138 whole dagwood sandwich 1 kg like instant rewards? words your a3 a3

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