Foodland Flyer - 09/19-09/25/2019 (Page 2)

produced onzo gan sum garlic foodland local ontario look for product of ontario mcintosh apples canada fancy local this week local local product of ontario parsnips product of ontario garlic 115g local local product of ontario product of ontario hothouse tomatoes geschlesw advoboy jumbo clementines product of south africa 2 lb or green kiwi product of new zealand 1 lb romaine hearts product of usa 3 pk jumbo cantaloupes product of usa no 1 grade organic prepared fresh etape en organic strawberries product of usa large red mangoes product of brazil free prepared fresh bbq grillers assorted sizes asparagus product of mexico of equal or lesser vake complimiento compliments almonds or cashews selected succulents assorted varieties 5' pot design your own bouquet kalanchoe 6" pot bakery available at most stores buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more baxter's pumpkin pepita loaf cake eat better pumpkin muffins with cream cheese pumpkin love baked in-store 100% butter pumpkin cheese danish baxter's pumpkin pecan tarts baked in-store compliments 9" pumpkin pie artisan cranberry pumpkin seed bread great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount a2 a2

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