Foodland Flyer - 12/09-12/15/2021 (Page 5)

sterling silver stewing beef cut from canada aaa grade beef butterball split family size sterling butterball family size boneless pork loin entre cut chops compliments air-chilled chicken leg size family size sterling sterling silver striploin steaks cut from natural top dogs 1.5kg chris che bologna bologne schneider redhots buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more chris brothers bologna chub chris compliments turkey bacon schneiders red franks or maple leaf top dogs bologno rolodne compliments smoked sausage estampede pork bikk ribs st hubert compliments compliments hurch tetes hots sumont romak estampede pork rmk ribs buy 1 at $7.99 buy 2 or more tetes barbecue mpoulet ten compliments stuffed chicken st hubert meat pies compliments boxed & breaded poultry selected butcher's selection pork back ribs compliments pan sear compliments cave du can mitlivs vulight haddock coo- highliner pan sear or signature collection boxed and breaded seafood selected compliments matlaw's stuffed clams or compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties available at most stores tuscan inspired tomato & basil deli panache anged basil tomati basmane panache applewood inno molitet nouilles homestyle chicken noodle ilchester applewood smoked cheddar works out to 30% off panache soups see in-store for more varieties presti natural hummus natural pantis tom parache artike & asiago die trompette date et aingo buy i at $5.99 buy 2 or more hummus panche crisps or mini maple leaf natural selections sliced deli meats or deli snacks selected summer fresh dips or hummus ben wieder sabra hummus ter sabra guacamine nos sliced fresh sliced fresh starting at schneiders olde fashioned pepper or 1890 smoked ham selection varies by store million - boom made compliments starting at in-store or cajun chicken sabra hummus selection varies sandwich or guacamole by store wraps spens canadian air les who have reached yet of collection contry into the grand prow draw and the componding regional and each time they need the crna armlesb boom boot bon der gree do arthlesem po geet of amles air miles on the and met per collect correctly redigungen door grotere the பாடகர்கள் பார்வையாக பாபக்காரா காரம் the bonus boost ak mohd air miles' reward miles contest

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