Foodland Flyer - 05/21-05/27/2020 (Page 5)

meat value size made in-store made in-store kabobs selected compliments boneless skinless chicken breasts pearlmaz complimente bayscallops toncees de nies honey garlic chicken breasts pork side ribs centre white shim crew pacie compliments shrimp raw or or pearlmark try our new montreal bbq flavour per steak leadbetters gov oy stears leadbetters cowboy steaks boneless pork loin centre cut biflecks-cowboy 1.8 ks fresh atlantic salmon portions zipo pak compliment compliments hongyeah macro & chee meat leaf pain de ay macaron from buttoile jambon avec soupconde bacon style come bacon starting at butterball turkey bacon compliments sliced meats compliments honey hams complimente compliments new lily dale traditional meat lasagna lasagne à la viande traditionnelle chicken & vegetable pie pite au poulet aux légumes centar rkey new strips compliments lasagna compliments beef or chicken lilydale boxed turkey selected daang halance eclalore balance follibre cras favoris alkan wd marc salmon sur genoa adecer usd lauan duro compliments balance imitation crab or lobster compliments balance salmon burgers 4548 compliments balance salmon compliments balance fish available at most stores daily add any deals deli coca-cola beverage thursday septiem coca-cola canon eos kitchen prepared starting at whole oven roasted chicken friday sensations by compliments take & bake 16" pizza aria sprite havarti creamy-crémeux celebrity creme com party pack wings saturday celebrity goat arla havarti nana's samosas hot or chilled ready to eat coca mastro coca-cola limited time offer santo genoa de genes salam new buy 1 at $6.79 buy 2 or more like instant rewards? european charcuterie product of italy pepperoni pizzas mastro salami or pancetta selected panasia california rolls 2008 $10 purchases towards your a3 a3

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