Foodland Flyer - 02/24-03/02/2022 (Page 7)

sterling hand-selected aaa beef well-marbled aged to perfection cut from canada aaa beef sterling silver prime rib roasts cut from canada aaa grade beef family size chicken leg boneless chicken breast strips for pork shoulder picnic roasts meatballs 00 boulettes e viande italian style sterling silver rib eye steaks cut from storemade lean italian style meatballs johnsonville chicken bacon style natural smoked ham jambon fum natura black forest poulet genre bacon schneiders free for maple lodge farms chicken compliments fully cooked chicken strips maple leaf or schneiders johnsonville smoked sausage panache leadbelters l&l compliments mh cheese compliments alade rolls ang ala baca và chia cowboy burgers compliments stuffed chicken panache lasagna 113 kg compliments sausage rolls leadbetters cowboy burgers pearlmas ooo contiment salmonarcherme dananic samen bascos retonces debi coenpliments english style fillets cveta pearlmark scallops or vasco & co smoked salmon available at most stores high liner family favourites boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties compliments naturally simple iqf cod haddock or sole compliments shrimp 31-40 ct cooked or raw deli get 1 free compliments dipping sauce 44 ml ince 1907 maple | erable ser starting at black river maple cheddar snowdonia sabral pillers salami vaips hummus pillers sic status salamichips sabra puters pero pad salad பாக்கர் வாங்க guacamole bonus ros sele starting at goodo piller's new pepperoni snack cups or summer fresh sabra hummus or guacamole neli bert doli best sliced fresh wrap sandwiches bonus when you spend $&cr more starting at ham selection varies by store bonus miles mices like free groceries? = $10 towards your fol w44 polont_21

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