Foodland Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 8)

leadbetters gourmet cinnamon- buns plairror with cream cheese icing marbacon starting at baked in-store buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more leadbetters bacon activa active probiotics avocados product of mexico celebrate activia yogurt mom prepared fresh with brunch for you maxwell house in your friendly neighbourhood foodland original roast ratiya original - originale eggo maxwell house instant coffee harger kellogg's eggo waffles jumbo kellogg's two scoops raisin bran wed kraft bonus miles kraft peanut butter.725 g-1 kg becel 399 smooth crémeux kellogg's adults or kids becel margarine applewood pulled pork visit for more great recipes pork shoulder blade roasts or value size pork shoulder tamily s2 formastamalla lays lays value size san classic classique poppables buy 1 at $5.00 buy 2 or more starting at lay's potato chips compliments sliced deli meats compliments fresh pasta or sauce sensations extra virgin olive oilil this week's royale ble compliments bonus miles when you buy any origin royale compliments lablete blue bonus royale weekly offers are available only while supplies royale get 95 bonus miles towards your compliments frozen fruit selected royale bathroom tissue facial tissue 6 pk the health and well-being of partners remains our top priority maintaining following directional arrows distance frequent hand washing & sanitizing not entering the store if sick or unwell

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