Foodland Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 5)

sausage of the month peach chili handcrafted by your local meat expert gps made in-store buy lat $6.49 buy 2 or more cranberry peper fresh artisan sausages gourmet peach shortbread kitchen prepared boursin cheese baked in-store bonus miles starting at great on the grill! schneiders schneiders juicy jumbos ceas recipe recette classrove stedet wiem glas schneiders juicy jumbos wieners or smoked sausage pork back ribs grab & go! prepared fresh in your local store celebration celebration milk chocolate dark chocolate com one folgers classic boan! tornacion histoire compliments iced tea leclerc célébration cookies kellogg's felaki culum lin stine boucles mccain superfric rice krispies stoops bulis- mccain tasti taters raisin bran clover len flaked white tuna bull's-eye bbq sauce 425 ml or diana bbq sauce selected mccain super fries or breakfast potatoes clover leaf albacore tuna skinless boneless kellogg's cereal family familia quirer this week's lays lays poppables dipps bonus miles when you buy any blue bonus we cheddar band classic classique get 95 bonus miles quaker chewy = $10 towards your quaker chewy or dipps granola bars a4 a4 a4

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