Foodland Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 10)

our barbecue chicken wings savour exclusive aaa beef sterling tros watson ridge cele • aged to tender perfection • carefully sourced and hand-selected watson ridge boxed and value format per sterling silver inside round roasts cut from compliments swiss suisse belgian bread 5158 compliments sliced cheese domylene lampe starting at baked in-store sensations by compliments mens prepared fresh daily ان free of equal or lesser value of equal or lesser value compliments salad product of usa reg 3.99 bbq grillers assorted sizes available hellmann's موبرة original originale real vraie campbells wedding sou habitant hellmann's pea soup smoked ham ranch eggo hellmann's salad dressing 475 ml campbell's ready to serve or kellogg's eggo waffles christie fruit creme compliments holar konu choses nature compliments extraaa! sibtopila christie minute maid buy 1 at monterry aan buy 2 or more oranai orange pice dads minute maid orange juice compliments potato chips or ram silk oat segarc seafsilk royale ame paso royale almond transformy liberte orinin bonus miles bonus miles velour plushi sabiek tem or liberte greek 2-4 pk méditerranée or yoplait compliments organic purée pouches selected 128 ml royale bathroom tissue 24 rolls get 30 air miles® vop playstation plus playstation store donate $2 at your local foodland store houten ugarico ames mile with the purchase of $25 in playstation gift cards! month $29.99 get 30 air miles for every $25 spent in playstation sdt cards! offer valid during ape subject to availability foodland special olympics canada

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