Foodland Flyer - 01/23-01/29/2020 (Page 2)

produce prepared fresh garlic product of china 5 pk bean sprouts product of canada off prepared fresh stir-fry baby or shanghai bok choy product of usa or mexico green peppers product of usa foodland ire local mangoes product of ecuador or peru navel oranges product of usa product of ontario ambrosia apples canada fancy complimente cine cole de hoy buy 1 at $2.99 buy 1 at $2.49 buy 2 or more buy 2 or more compliments coleslaw 454 g or product of usa compliments vegetables product of usa compliments or russet potatoes product of canada canada no 1 grade 99% no red onions product of usa compliments snack mixes braided pachira tree 4" pot spring cuts choose from tulips daffodils or iris seasonal bouquet bakery- available at most stores mine valentine's day cupcakes charlotte's gooey strawberry squares selected heart cakes chocolate or try our fresh strawberry chocolate or caramel baked in-store new cheesecake selected artisan style baguettes white or multigrain baked in-store buy 1 at $3.49 buy 2 or more baxter's red velvet loaf cake with chocolate crusty buns pack hot dog or hamburger buns value great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount a2 a2

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