Foodland Flyer - 01/23-01/29/2020 (Page 3)

sliced beef liver stuffed pork tenderloin sterling silver boneless blade pot roast cut from canada aaa grade sterling compliments whole air-chilled chicken canta con natural comment top dogs scantides redhfots buy 1 at $4.49 buy 2 or more legacy pork'n pull pork shoulder compliments smoked sausage schneiders red hots or maple leaf top dog compliments boneless ham slices or bone-in ham nouvea taste ansvilur swiss chalet leadbetters pinty's always great toujours delieren lim bbq govaboy bees burgers begun classic dippers chicken poulet yotteopatte leadbetters cowboy burgers pinty's poultry assortment swiss chalet meat pies party on! dippers scatlan high liner naona amer pearlmark beer condos betonces oem filler lauren cesado de hace fresh atlantic salmon portions high liner family favourites boxed or breaded seafood compliments or sensations by compliments bacon-wrapped vasco & co smoked atlantic or pearlmark available at most stores tores sensations suisse schwer compliments soups 625 ml svizzera switzerland buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more gruyere cheese product of switzerland works sensations by compliments sliced cheese off mac & cheese clean moned roast warisa deli served starting at schneiders italian-style salami raised without antibiotics mclean organic sliced deli oven roasted maple cured ham 800g available hot or chilled salaman piller's humint sabra guacamole salamichide abra livemus ord buy 1 at $6.99 buy 2 or more sensations by compliments italian sliced deli meat product of italy selected piller's salami whips or chips fontaine sante topped hummus free sabra hummus or guacamole snacks of equal or lesser value like instant rewards? > 95 cash miles = $10 towards your cash miles purchases a3 a3

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