Foodland Flyer - 08/15-08/21/2019 (Page 6)

take & bake 16" pizzas available hot at selected stores foodland ontario local compliments product of ontario cantaloupes olomeo and prinderit no for the eart dunture camembert cheme camembert compliments brie or compliments meringue pies lemon or key lime 1 kg lunch mate boti il sweet kate chew thisé deur southwest sud-sued eat smart salad kits product of usa selected schneiders redhots schneiders red hots or maple leaf top dogs lunch mate stackers or fresh pork loin back ribs compliments montreal smoked meat or pastrami welches deli served chapman's gluten ice cream creme glacée premium brand vanilla burnbrae farms or gray ridge large white eggs chapman's original 2 l bricks or collection michelinas sha teises your ow natrel vienna sausage natrel holiday lactose luncheon meat natrel lactose free milk maple leaf flakes of ham zap'ers michelina's frozen entrées filos continet folgers vide bonus miles when you buy ritérité naalalaffare available and william weekly orters are available only while supplies last folgers roast & ground or pods 12 pk tide laundry detergent downy in-wash beads learn more always get 2x the miles' get 2 air miles® reward miles for every $20 you spend in-store terms and conditions apply a6 a6

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