Foodland Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 3)

files foodland max miles all week long! value size bonus miles available in store! real vrat simple simple maet lan natural top dogs original saumon atlantique fume smoked atlantic salmon raun toate kasco decal schneiders redhots bonus miles all ork pot maple leaf top dogs schneiders red hots or pearlmark bay scallops petoncles de baies compliments air-chilled jam-packed ru! forumstick neste bonus miles sliced fresh vanilla first of the season selection may vary by location panache oven roasted chicken breast or sriracha chicken selection varies by store foodland local peps product of ontario fresh asparagus adu aquafina mua na aquafina bonus miles iced tea or aquafina water see inside for more offers! whole seedless watermelons product of usa or mexico liare vous olomon 4llen's allen's apple juice saderne peach cockfail in concord libet liberte old on cand liberté greek yogurt 4 pk or simply 3 yogurt 500g 99€ allen's apple juice or peach cocktail 1l royale dempster's battle dempster's bertolli bertolli royale buddie royale get dolive tortillas original originales lebrains litra virgi! eitra vierge extra virgi! eitra vierge tiger noartec alica royale rich niche nich taste riche com dempster's whole grains royale bathroom tissue tissue 6 pk bertolli olive oil 750 ml-1l poodland feed the dream may-june thur fri sat sun mon tues wed official grocer

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