Foodland Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 3)

kabobs made in-store handcrafted by your local meat experts choose from beef pork or chicken honey garlic boneless chicken sterling butterball split compliments air-chilled chicken drumsticks or thighs value size sterling silver inside round rouladen stuffed with spinach and pork tenderloin value size pork loin centre swiss pillers chalet chicken bacon style montanas pepperoni potemer chicken poule poulet genre bacon swiss chalet potch starting at scox maple lodge chicken bacon piller's pepperoni sticks swiss chalet fully cooked pork back ribs or 44th street beef pot swiss chalet or montana's meat compliments sony becue bare compliments asiah appetiturs mors-d'ouvre asiatiques compliments ballet companiet bolog bologne altem starting at starting at compliments chicken wings compliments game day appetizers or asian party pack compliments meatballs compliments sliced meats selected varieties ing panache damer power packed burgers panache radios onces fare comment english style selama sale fillets compliments or salmon loins high liner family favourites or power packed panache or sensations bacon wrapped panache breaded shrimp selected varieties or compliments calamari 340g available at most stores deli tre stelle havarti mex jalut halloum castello tre stelle arm cheddar starting at sirocconcin mix or match castello bites de tre stelle turkey or beef feta or fewer blue cheese gesse blue corn tortilla chips cryustilles au mais bleu baru boursi boursin bonus miles buy 1 at $6.49 kerare & mare boris miles jack's special salsa buy 2 or more snowdonia cheese product of garden fresh salsa or chips boursin taken' bake dips palers palers charcute prepared in-store starting at piller's charcuterie speck selected compliments deli meat variety packs pizza or submarine classic snack box like instant rewards? towards your $10 purchases folwojoj poront_1

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