Foodland Flyer - 04/01-04/07/2021 (Page 3)

easter value size meat compliments air-chilled compliments my cart compliments boxed turkey roasts 1kg compliments air-chilled boneless butterbal boneless turkey breast butterball boxed turkey roasts 1.5 kg pillers scanerense natural smoked ham jambon fume naturel top sirloin medallions cut from canada aa grade beef or usda compliments smoked sausage compliments honeyofa bon soup value size onde compliments honey hams boneless ham slices or bone-in compliments cured pork loin peameal bacon pork loin chops compliments raised without antibiotics prime compliments compliments beslagaona lasagne au bouf chicken & vegetable pie bolette ca via páté au poulet et aux légumes chicken strips maple leaf prime boxed and breaded poultry raised without antibiotics compliments lasagna or mac & cheese 1 kg compliments meatballs compliments mlang compliments cras cid allo compliments balance imitation crab compliments balance iqf cod haddock or sole fresh atlantic salmon portions compliments cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce available at most stores deli compliments compliments game bert prepared in-store prepared fresh enabarro mexican 7-layer dip or spinach dip small or large compliments brie value size prepared in-store tye stelle nassensloni tre stelle ruiredo sascarpose sensations by compliments starting at tre stelle mascarpone salami cervelet maple roasted ham available hot compliments fresh pasta or sauce 1 kg or 580 ml sardo antipasto suded powe sardo ucatan exclusive luacamol stuffed fenomen elle farcies yucatan quacamole buy 1 at $4.49 buy 2 or more le sauciflard french style salami selected sardo olives or antipasti selected yucatan guacamole authentic 454g off 6pk 340 g or maple salmon rollor cali nigiri combo roll ales personalized offers faster rewards myoffers fol_ww.apro o poi.ont zi

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