Foodland Flyer - 05/13-05/19/2021 (Page 3)

kabobs made in-store handcrafted by your local meat experts choose from beef pork or chicken pork back ribs compliments ground chicken or maple chipotle pork back ribs compliments air-chilled sterling value size sterling silver sirloin tip roasts cut from canada aaa grade compliments schneiders natural bacon naturel original pepperettes dominal buy 1 at $6.99 orgales buy 2 or more maple leaf ready crisp or schneiders compliments smoked sausage schneiders pepperettes compliments fully cooked beef chicken or turkey raised without antibiotics prime compumenta balne compliments asurastilers hors-douvre asiatiques compliance barbeque wings crispy homestyle chicken starting at maple leaf prime boxed & breaded poultry compliments balance beef soy burgers compliments crispy homestyle chicken 1 kg compliments game day or asian party pack appetizers saumon alavise kuve compliments pearlmazs someoalantic salmon catch ouvi edge bay scalops petonces ded day prtse fresh atlantic salmon portions compliments raw or cooked pearlmark toppits scallops or vasco & co smoked salmon catch of the day boxed & breaded seafood available at most stores deli havarti ile de france roquefort red leicester cheesefromage smoked-fume compliments compliment free of equal or lesser value apeting mix or match foto compliments fresh pasta or sauce or $99 ile de france roquefort 100 g or coombe castle grand format bobbed the laughing cow la vache quirit boursin alfines heroes gauge hers buy 1 at $8.99 buy 2 or more esor prepared in-store mini babybel laughing cow classic snack box mexican 7-layer dip small or large mastro dumm! sorisnta simply potatoes mastro geminin buy 1 at $6.79 buy 2 or more bonus miles amm! mastro salami or pancetta selected le sauciflard french style salami fontaine sante humm! topped simply potatoes mashed potatoes or side dishes assorted varieties like instant rewards? $10 purchases towards your folwormy may polontzi

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