Foodland Flyer - 03/19-03/25/2020 (Page 8)

pantry mwigu campbella broth bouillon se it teori broth bouillon genes oddeliso refried beans harica sau sony habitant pea soup old el paso tortilla bowl beans 398 ml taco sauce 215 ml or thick & chunky salsa 440 ml campbell's ready to eat or habitant imagine organic broth 1l sensations by compliments salsa 430 ml dog dempsters heinz good mayonnaise lidden valley hidden valley ranch tortillas inale bonus mies bonus miles heinz seriously good mayonnaise hidden valley salad dressing dempster's dempster's hot dog or burger buns men hool family size format familial aunt jemima vel illonte original orliebe original original shreddies del mont sliced peas jemima aunt jemima or syrup 750 ml quaker life cereals or selected post family size del monte fruit jars selected dfive roses buttercuren portesur sweet sour sucre robin hood all purpose flour bonus miles unbleached white lantic granulated sugar 2 kg robin hood or five roses flour vh pouch compliments home & wellness charmin scotties white swan deluxe original ultra soft irres chure swan scotties bounty sugdens white swan facial tissue 125 pk or bathroom tissue scotties facial tissue 126 pk or supreme 88 pk charmin toilet paper 8 pk or bounty paper towel 4 pk penol glap cling wrap total fenen free fleecy palmolim the seal glad cling wrap fleecy bonus miles fleecy fabric softener sheets 80 pk palmolive liquid dish soap 591 ml or 828 ml serie lysol disinfecting wipes 35 pk glad cling wrap milk bone shausa double duty sages slide for arcan bonus miles zurina soft & chewy tendintordanes orice caledon farms dog treats plaque busters 8 pk selected arm & hammer cat litter 12.7 kg or clump & seal milk-bone soft & chewy snausages dog purina cat chow little ones sensodynel ver little ones od namel bonus miles panty liners protège-dessous bonus miles sensodyne or pronamel toothpaste compliments pads 14-24 pk or liners 48-64 pk selected head & shoulders hair care selected little ones by compliments jumbo diapers better air not a collector yet? enroll today and start enjoying enroll at air! the benefits of the air miles® reward program today! rew a5 a5

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