Foodland Flyer - 04/21-04/27/2022 (Page 7)

compliments air-chilled saturally piller's be release on original pepperoni piller's pepperoni sticks sliced fresh compliments roast beef smoked meat or pastrami baked in-store bonus miles when you buy mix & match gatung iceberg lettuce or celery stalks product of usa or mexico no 1 grade or romaine lettuce product of usa croche super markt crave boy nesse we deccar macarom au froimage haaron a cheese takkan with recamec bacon sique model bay chev merus jam-paced orumstickr sapest mobile vanilla free betty crocker cake mixes "see in store for pricing nestle frozen dessert or or selected novelties 4-10 pk selection may vary by location of equal or lesser value crave frozen entrées ger singles celebration pipps celebration liberte greek crocilat cheny liberte greek singles create quaker chewy or dipps granola kraft singles leclerc celebration cookies liberte greek yogurt compliments nutella nutella hazelnut spread 7258 value size tide more kter tide compliments free pancake mix this week's blue bonus bonus miles when you buy pepsi pepsi logo pepsi pepsi et 95 bonus miles peps popsi air miles pepsi pepsi soft drinks weekly offers are available only while supplies 回 food rescue reduce we're introducing a 4th "r" to inspire canadians to become & rescue! food rescuers at home learn more at let's do our part for future generations

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