Foodland Flyer - 08/27-09/02/2020 (Page 5)

sausage of the month pumpkinspice handcrafted by your local meat expert compliment com gimpo wake fresh artisan sausages alb made in-store local product of ontario compliments whole white or mini bella avocadoes product food of mexico compliments black forest or honey ham complements red nog baked bonus miles deli in-store served compliments salads fully cooked turkey smoked sausages sau lily dale ancient grain janes boxed or breaded poultry made with lilydale white meat boxed or breaded turkey or smoked turkey white turcey east made with sausage contaans is or horst 700g san stouffers meat lasagnea lasagna lavande stouffers macaroni macaroni & cheese au fromage stouffers frozen entrées liberté greek yogurt 4 pk or new strand now ianes lily dale new turkey strips data liberté miditatante nesquik ricette frxdate chor cual nescafé beiter new parkay margarine compliments chilled iced tea or lemonade 2.5l nescafe taster's choice flavoured milk powder or syrup rele regular mature knorr sidekicks origin ay chips fettuccine alfredo coca-cola munchies french onion designaufrançaise hweppes dasani pepsi only sour ger catelli 99€ snack mix 272 gor sunchips coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks catelli pasta 500 g or lipton sidekicks selected app store & itunes card offer valid only on app store & tunes $50 and app store & itunes foodland gift card participant or sponsor of this promotion

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