Foodland - Black Friday 2020 Flyer - 11/26-12/02/2020 (Page 3)

scallops frozen or previously family size sterling silver stewing beef cut from canada aaa grade beef sterling try this why not serve scallops as part of your festive holiday feast? pearlmark scallops sensations pork back ribs pearlmazt compliments whole chickens air-chilled bacon wrapped scallops pétondles bardes de bacon sayscalops betonces de baics value size pork sirloin chops sensations by compliments scbn lunch mate teena schneides jum compliments costura con come som como பகையா வேலை compliments turkey bacon schneiders juicy jumbos or smoked schneiders stackers or adult compliments turkey roast with cranberry stuffing leadbetters st hubert compliments compliments paté au poulet chicken pot pie oleonowe retains compliments cowboy burgers defbeuf leadbetters cowboy burgers st hubert meat compliments appetizers selected varieties compliments meatballs ooo halance compliments gerard alasan roud con della asaveur de ce fresh atlantic salmon portions compliments balance cod haddock or sole compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded compliments balance imitation crab or or 2.99 available at most stores specialty cheeses deli l'extra brie or camembert roquefort 100 g or select varieties of soignon goat cheese 125 g or coombe castle english cheese brie votre dame peso boursin bonus miles when you buy? boursin mix & match s'mores flatbread or assorted flatbread of 599 ea for 3 or fewer taken bake dips humm dell served buy 2 or more summ! fontaine sante topped hummus pastrami or montreal smoked meat selection varies by store al pastor pork or barbacoa beef ned continent main eau tour ured owen bond complimente maine auroyal als bales de poliet buy i for ss buy 2 for $8 buy 3 for starting at starting at schneiders european sliced meats or greenfield sliced meats raised without antibiotics compliments sliced deli meats reser's or main st bistro side sushi festive towards your like instant rewards? $10 purchases

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