Foodland Flyer - 07/01-07/07/2021 (Page 4)

produce camera ten gpk 249 free of equal or lesser value product of canada mini cucumbers product of canada baby arugula reg 3.99 stock grape tomatoes pint product of canada or mexico compliments baby product of usa no 1 grade little potato for the long weekend! compliments the little potato company onion & chive or product of usa little potato company pint 5pk large avocados product of mexico corn tray 5 pk product of usa no 1 grade limes product of mexico gala apples product of usa bartlett pears product of argentina extra fancy grade lemons product of south africa red grapefruit product of south africa 79€ available at most stores flora wonderful wonderful pistachios pistachios phalaenopsis orchids assorted sizes to choose from starting at mini gerbera 15-stem bunch assorted colours farm fresh bouquet wonderful shelled pistachios available at most stores bakery baked in-store gourmet cheese hot dog or hamburger buns 8 pk s'mores dessert cake limited time offer flavour cupcakes 6 pk top desserts canada maple crème limited time offer flavour baked in-store compliments baguettes old yardid maple creme pie netwtfsf dessert cakes cookies snickers or double old fashioned kimberley's bakeshoppe frosted soft sugar cookies great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount fol_watom_02_ont_21

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