Foodland Flyer - 01/28-02/03/2021 (Page 2)

grab & go! local 1lb limes product of mexico 454 g bag means proudly from canada compumeot cara cara oranges product of usa lemons product of usa or spain canada 3lb product of canada compliments mini potatoes toodland зіь local grunder navel oranges product of usa or spain 1.36 kg bag product of ontario yellow onions or carrots canada no 1 grade 907 g bag red grapefruit product of usa 1.36 kg bag foodland local kiwi fruit product of italy 454 g bag parsnips product of ontario parsnips no 1 grade mincourton nature's better fiatures foodland pint local oduce blueberries product of chile or mexico no 1 grade pint cello radishes product of usa 454 g bag product of ontario available at most stores dried mangoes valentine's day is coming! flora happy feb 14 urar new year h&h thai honey mango buy i at $3.99 buy 2 or more primula in 4 pot assorted colours braided money tree in 4" pot spring mixed bouquet h&h dried fruit avaade mon tom bakery inspired by traditional french recipes all baked in-store baked in-store fruit sticks apple or raspberry 6 pk buy 1 at $4.49 buy 2 or more au pain dore 100% butter pastries limited time offer baked in-store braided strudel or all butter palm leafs red velvet cookies baked in-store bonus miles bonus miles bonus miles when you buy any 2 puff pastries bagels 4 pk strudel fingers strawberry cheesecake seven grain or oat great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount

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