Foodland Flyer - 05/16-05/22/2019 (Page 5)

perfect for smoking to create your own home-style bacon perfect for smoking or pulled pork turn your bbq into a smoker with a fork to create holes on the top side directly above keep consistent temperature spices or rubs prior to smoking fresh boneless pork belly portions fresh pork shoulder picnic roast hock family size family size country ribbon chicken wings boneless blade roast or steaks cut from canada aa country ribbon chicken family size 2pepak applewood bois pommier bedre besle bonus mhes butterball bacon style turkey or franks sensations by compliments thick centre lou's bbq pork back ribs 99€ buddig sliced meats compliments compliments with chicken strips cgg rolls patos impérimin greb desde poulet wow schneiders sauty sachung fees buy 1 at $5.49 buy 2 or more compliments chicken strips nuggets burgers or popcorn chicken wong wing rolls or egg compliments traditional burgers or compliments balance burgers schneiders chicken wings perfect for the grill new true north atlantic salmon cakes frozen or previously frozen sensations by compliments garlic & herb jumbo shrimp compliments crab flavoured seafood bulk frozen cod available at most stores try these two varieties! canadian lobster components new double cream buy 1 at $7.99 buy 2 or more flatbreads canadian lobster or roasted mushroom trio & truffle complimente double ne do compliments starting at com compliments guacamole 227 g or salsa mild or medium mastro mastro ставлені complimente calabrese genoa degenes swed buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more mastro salami selected compliments pepperoni compliments sliced deli better not a collector yet? enroll today and start enjoying the benefits of the air miles® reward program today! rewar

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