Foodland Flyer - 02/04-02/10/2021 (Page 4)

kickoff with freshness grape tomatoes product of mexico pint mini cucumbers product of canada or mexico no 1 grade 6 pk fuji apples product of usa extra fancy grade pint compliments baby-cut carrots product of usa red or black seedless grapes product of south africa or chile local foodland product of ontario royal gala apples canada extra fancy fresh cut trays for game time meat value size johasotville compliments pork shoulder blade steaks johnsonville smoked sausages compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties store-made italian style wong wing compliments split air-chilled chicken breasts lemon chicken poulet au citron compliments cheestic batonis dermace arian beef sterling silver eye of round roast cut from canada aaa grade beef sterling silveri bakery wong wing or asian inspirations compliments appetizers selected varieties available to available at mos stores deli new folios satis ste gredda noches iwa baked in-store buy 1 at $3.99 buy 4 or more sot cheese starting at fromalp or folios cheese schneiders european sliced meats or greenfield sliced meats raised without antibiotics fruit topped tarts or cheesecakes mini croissants buy 1 take & bake free baked in-store compliments dipping sauces starting at fontaine santé topped hummus valentine's day pumpernickel marble rye or san francisco available at most stores feb 14 wonderful wonderful pistachios pistachios starting at phalaenopsis orchids assorted colours and sizes farm fresh bouquet anthurium in 5" décor pot wonderful shelled pistachios great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount focw 11 feb 04 feb poz_onti

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