Foodland Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 3)

sterling silver eye of round roasts cut from canada aaa meat value size sterling compliments ground chicken or pork side ribs centre portion premium family size pork loin centre cut chops pork side ribs centre portion strips sterling silver striploin steaks cut from canada aaa compliments air-chilled leadbetters stampede hotdog saucisse fumée oral- schneiders bacon pepperettes senal originales buy 2 or more legacy marinated pork chops or beef denver steaks selected varieties leadbetters stampede hot schneiders pepperettes leadbetters juontanas lily dale turkey cydin new swiss janes schneiders mini-sizzlers breakfast sansades cowboy burgers pue style chicken strips chicken poulet schneiders mini sausage or sausage leadbetters cowboy burgers swiss chalet or montana's meat janes or lilydale boxed and breaded poultry selected alance lange compliments compliments mussels-mould twesel isotal cookie compliments balance fresh atlantic salmon available at most stores mussel king mussels or live compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties compliments smoked salmon deli cine @tre stelle halloumi mix & ano sole mio match "tre stelle boccong tortellin tre stelle starting at cambozola brie docalele ricotta tre stelle fet classic alfredo oʻsole mio fresh pasta sauce 330 gor happy planet happy planet fotos italian in wall una skatte owen rosted towy breat ocinants bérico phutine bonus miles naludally mature or rocinante spanish cheese happy planet organic soups smoked black forest hom mini chicken jambon fum ford-nowe sweet & sour pork or other asian entrées outro buy 1 at $5.99 buy 2 or more buy i at $7.49 buy 2 or more compliments naturally simple sliced deli meat marcangelo italian sliced deli meat miles get 40 air miles for every $50 spent in coactive morinchecks price match inte ald only on 2-$500 kein cards seoghoror detalo to ay happy active gift cards! foc was apr 15-a21 polont_zi

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