Fortinos Flyer - 04/22-04/28/2021 (Page 4)

81b box jumbo red or black ib seedless grapes product of south africa strawberries navel seedless oranges product of morocco nouveau little potato company manns family favorites onion & chive oignon et for lor manns family favorites stringless sugar snap peas ross net were sweet bi-colour corn little potato company roaster potatoes product of canada or snap 227 g peas product of u.s.a each ancho guajillo cooking with oileaf 1good good spinach micro amora pousses de roquette good leak classic spinach | epinards intro foodland foodland ontario sombrero dried peppers varieties cooking with spinach greens selected varieties good leaf microgreens selected varieties product of ontario good leaf baby and spring mix product of ontario each pc® organics gala apples product of u.s.a extra fancy grade or organic granny smith apples product of u.s.a organic avocados product of mexico organic strawberries product of u.s.a organic raspberries organic seedless clementines product of morocco

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