Fortinos Flyer - 08/15-08/21/2019 (Page 4)

forstolo hinos fortiños made fresh daily! icelandic fresh cod fillets seafood kebobs shrimp or swordfish 4491b fresh words fresh arctic char fillets fresh whole royal porgy each seal cuest shured musclete samo somon sockeye sivare fume raw-crues seal quest seal quest king crab flavoured limau alle paties davettes races done king crab flavoured saveur de crabe roval will sole fillets fleis de sole sauva son thea shtimp burgers de cettes ed dins & salads! pc smoked sliced sockeye salmon white shrimp pc shrimp or blue menu wild sockeye or loads of salmon frozen seaquest® crab flavoured pollock selected varieties seaquest fillets each each ious pulled pork butterball porc eftiloche ismo bacon style centre bracon usc bacon épices ur royal r meats spicy beef lamb buttermilk royal chevaps caseless sausage babeurre family pack royal meats chevaps pco pork and beef or beet chicken fillet or breast selected varieties boties pc or butterball bacon style turkey or butterball turkey pc or free from bacon selected lou's quick 'n' easy entrées free from raised without the use of antibiotics raised by canadian farmers vegetable grain-fed-contains no animal by-products free from bony free from free from simplement ron simplement bon free from simplement bon bison hot dogs saucisses à hot-dog the svet burgers het thym tarkey meatballs boulettes de dinde modni obusa mercer "pco free from meatballs or chicken wings pco free from angus beef lamb or bison burgers chicken breasts regular or rosemary & thyme frozen free from wieners or pork frankfurters selected varieties pc free from chicken fillets sirloin beef or chicken pies selected varieties frozen frozen varieties each

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