Fortinos Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 2)

solid light tuna in olive oil thon pale entier dans l'huile d'olive decen rizzoli primo pecan halves primo solid light tuna in olive oil thon pile entier diced plum tomatoes cirio chick peas rio de cecco mare solid light tuna in one oh thon pale entier dans l'huile d'olive imported from italy or rizzoli tuna in olive oil primo canned tomatoes 796 ml or cirio passata 680 ml selected varieties each häagen-dazs neilson cracker barrel wilson waminad agb bash party immed chocolate milk lait au chocolat lactose free partly smed mar häagen-dazs nitrditerimirri img vanilla almond frais party sand milot cracker barrel medium mi-fort 3x 8m fresher taste gout plus strawberry haagen-dazs ice cream or dessert kitkat or toblerone ice cream 500 ml lactose free milk 2 l or milk 2 go chocolate milk 6x200 ml selected varieties cracker barrel cheese selected varieties each each each bubly paquet pack free & clear or blue menu sparkling water selected varieties original tossimo eight o'clock house maxwell coffee nabob maxwell house ground coffee maxwell house or nabob coffee each selected varieties coca-cola club soda coca-cola or canada dry soft drinks or bubly sparkling water kraft dinner original macaroni & cheese pkg of four each new nouveau original-originale shreddie oreo o's regular nal bear paws goldfish silk sol air non-dairy almond almond breeze quaker harvest silk or crunch almond canadian maple dawn breeze clorox dawn ultra dishwashing liquid refrigerated dare bear paws beverage eraser pads 2's or liquid cleaner selected varieties or cap'n crunch cereal crackers or pc or harvest crunch granola the decadent or quaker instant oatmeal cookies small spaces 7.5 ml or clorox fort back this product is printed using vegetable-based inks

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