Fortinos Flyer - 04/02-04/08/2020 (Page 2)

pexpress grocery shopping made easy! no need to leave your car! ✓ go to select your groceries & pickup time we'll have them ready for pickup home delivery available too! vat aurora pere cracker barrel egg pasta le tagliatelle pates aux ceufs tagliatelle all'uovo 16 ddar cheese cracker barrel aurora primo lasagne or aurora tomato puree 660 ml tomatoes - tomates selected varieties cracker barrel cheese bars 400 g or selected varieties primo tropicana juice selected varieties tropicana royees coules lasagne pomodoro oven ready • pretes pour le four each each each wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww stove kinder mix brown brune kinder house 10р -- egg hunt kit club house franco american gravy 284 ml stove top unico artichoke hearts 170 ml or aurora solid light selected varieties turkey dinde mini eggs unico unko colavita colavita extra virgin olive oil letra virgin sile douvede cadbury mini eggs pouches unico aurora soud light tuna mon pale entier inol dans lille kinder maxi or **** easter egg hunt kit each creo original crau case fromage a la creme philadelphia skinny paqui ete pop new nouvead kettle potato skinny pop paqui tortilla chips 155 g chile limón pe ipment enflamne selected varieties vax potato chips croustilles popcorn mais so ps planters godine philadelphia sea salt & vinegar sel marin et vinaigre planters original vos cashew suhtes philadelphia selected varieties lindt gold bunny each each chapman's cadas chapmans premium or yukon novelties 5-8's vanilla selected varieties frozen coca chapman's astro or activia danone activia yogurt tub selected varieties coca-cola canada dry or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties original "remium pepsi natural yogour french vanilla each fort back this product is printed using vegetable-based inks

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