Fortinos Flyer - 11/21-11/27/2019

fortinos torrone cutting! torrone is an italian nougat studded with almonds & honey from avellino italy ✓ satinos for hope 100% fresh ontario pork shoulder no additives or preservatives natural casings boneless! ontario pork strip loin steak cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher pork back ribs or or on fortinos flavoured sausage carrow tools ruari les tentation sundskt alature dabling utines potatis you can taste the difference so always look for spanish green peppers product of u.s.a roma tomatoes product of mexico or large fennel product of u.s.a asparagus product of peru or mexico organic radicchio product of mexico seedless clementines product of spain grab optimum mastro salami raw-crues pcⓡ pacific white shrimp raw zipperback® salami pacife wwe ship crevettes blanches country harvest or bagels 6's sauery mastro sliced meat selected varieties farvery everything fresh live atlantic each new! bscril pinty's buffalo in theatres nov 22 saputo baked in-store! photo cake starting at saputo cocktail bocconcini bocconcini tenders or chunks fresh baked cookies

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