Fortinos Flyer - 01/02-01/08/2020

fortinos january 3-5 all supplements vitamins & protein powders in our nature's treasures department! ontario turkey hayter's olar kars hero raw-crues peled diconiques pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique menu ✓ air chilled ✓ canadian grown ✓ grain fed ontario ontario ontario pork pork large! foodland pcⓡ boneless skinless chicken breasts club pack® or hayter's boneless skinless turkey breast whole pork shoulder ea or pc® pacific white shrimp whole pork leg openis book baby spinach jeunes pinards pc organics selected varieties product of u.s.a product of guatemala or mini cucumbers 6's product of mexico or 0lb green or red seedless grapes product of peru grapes product of u.s.a or peru or peaches or nectarines product of bananas product of costa rica 1.30kg or guatemala blueberries product of chile each ground fresh daily the laughing cow la vache qui rit the laughing cow la vache quirit country harvest old mill bagels 6's selected varieties gras certified angus beef wonder cohe legere scom 199ib bones poklon extra lean ground sirloin certified angus beef® brand cut from canada aaa or usda choice grade beef boneles pork loin whole or half the laughing cow cheese selected varieties fibre each swift lunch swift natural natural optimum weston bagels selected varieties schneiders lunchmate or swift sliced deli meat main natine maple leaf natural selections deli meat selected varieties or mini 10's croissants selected varieties each each

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