FreshCo. Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 2)

bunch radish boston lettuce green or red leaf lettuce product of ontario radils ou laitue product of canada sweet corn product of ontario mais sucre or 33 ea broccoli crowns product of canada couronnes de brocoli bag green kale or zucchini product of ontario chou frisé ou courgette foodland yellow onions product of ontario carottes ou oignons ota lowering red delicious apples product of usa pommes seedless oranges avocados product of mexico oranges sans pépins cu avocats fuji apples product of usa extra fancy grade anjou pears product of argentina extra fancy pommes ou poires yellow or white flesh nectarines nectarines product of canada foodland otato bag pan pint andy boy rapini product of usa rapini black or red plums prunes compliments pint grape tomatoes product of ontario tomates raisins ou concombres sans pépins pommes de terre avg pick ontario foodland omo wonderful stachios red seedless grapes raisins sans pépins seedless watermelon product of ontario melon d'eau sans pépins 6" hardy mums grown in ontario colour and selection may vary by store-available at most locations while supplies last chrysantheme wonderful pistachios product of usa pistaches a2 a2

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