FreshCo. Flyer - 03/17-03/23/2022 (Page 4)

a's cantaloupes product of guatemala cantaloup broccoli crowns product of usa or mexico couronnes de brocoli product of mexico framboises papaya product of costa rica papaye hot house tomatoes tomates brussels sprouts chou de bruxelles double fresh guaranteed we price foodland zucchini product of mexico courgette eggplant product of usa or mexico aubergine iceberg lettuce product of usa laitue iceberg compliments sliced product of ontario champignons lunse sweltpepper yellow or white flesh nectarines nectarines black or red plums prunes asparagus asperges product of mexico poivrons sur rul dried natural apricots coisasnities tor 200g product of algeria dattes product of turkey abricots in-shell walnuts product of usa noix de grenoble fc_w.zont_poz_21

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