FreshCo. Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 4)

local foodland seedless oranges product of spain or oranges sans pépins tomatoes on the vine product of ontario tomates green kiwi product of chile avocados product of mexico avocats kiwi strawberries product of usa fraises jowhaert vionics extra large cherries cerises three ways you can count on us double fresh guaranteed product of canada local foodland tario red leaf lettuce product of canada green kale product of ontario chou frisé royal gala apples product of usa extra fancy grade granny smith apples product of south africa extra pommes green anjou pears product of usa extra fancy grade forelle pears product of south africa extra poires local product of canada foodland ontario broccoli bunch product of canada brocoli green or red swiss chard red kale product of ontario bette chou-rave ou chou frise yellow or white flesh nectarines nectarines product of peru or south africa product of south africa product of canada sury unut ded natural adricots cole product of ontario or mexico poivrons doux compliments baby arugula product of canada printanier product of turkey abricots secs khudri dates 1 kg product of saudi arabia dattes

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