FreshCo. Flyer - 04/28-05/04/2022 (Page 4)

seedless cucumbers product of ontario concombres foodland ontato seedless oranges product of spain or morocco oranges sette for freshness scelle pour retenir la 3jumiboramante doris 3gros cursdesayue romain please wash before usin laisilaitul ant de leitlisee foodland ontario tomatoes on the vine product of ontario tomates andy boy cancer romaine hearts 3 pk product of usa coeurs de romaine product of usa or mexico bleuets dollar dollar we all deserve vilarin compliments unse sweltpepper foodland ontario product of mexico mini poivrons granny smith apples product of usa extra fancy grade pommes usa compliments carrots 3lb bag carottes compliment foodland compliments ginger root product of china racine de gingembre green anjou product of usa extra fancy grade bosc pears product of south africa extra fancy grade poires petites pommes de terre product of ontario or mexico tomates compliments baby arugula product of usa printanier black or red plums prunes

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