FreshCo. Flyer - 07/04-07/10/2019 (Page 2)

new crop red seedless grapes raisins rouges yellow onions product of usa carottes cu cignons unes gau product of usa mais ore foodland product of ontario poivrons dour cherries product of usa cerises alb lowest prices romaine or green leaf lettuce product of canada laitue romaine ou en feuilles vertes granny smith apples product of anjou pears product of usa pommes granny smith ou poires d'anjou compliments pint grape tomatoes product of ontario tomates-raisins ou concombres miniatutes bag pom pom save $249 pom wonderful assorted pomegranate juices product of usa 473 ml jus de grenade large cantaloupes cantaloups product of argentina product of argentina or south africa clementines ou citrons signature passion ciabatta baguette compliments baguette ciabatta ou beignes berlin multigrain complimente great price everyday great price pain de segle compliments hamburger or hot dog buns 8 pk pans hamburger ou 5 hot-dog dempsters white dempsters dempster's white or whole wheat bread pain blanc ou de ble estier bageld dempster's bagels 6 pk or deluxe buns bagels ou petits pas save $120 save $1 dempsters great price white everything tout garni beaches a la cannelle a2 a2 a2

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