FreshCo. Flyer - 11/04-11/10/2021 (Page 4)

green or black seedless grapes product of usa raisins sans pépins ataulfo mangoes product of peru mangues granny smith apples product of usa extra fancy grade red delicious product of ontario canada extra fancy pommes iceberg lettuce hot house tomatoes product of canada canada no.1 or seedless oranges product of south africa oranges sans pépins double fresh guaranteed replace refund your item your money limes large size latina limes zucchini product of mexico courgettes bunch spinach product of usa celery product of usa product of mexico limes ou avocats cantaloupes product of mexico cantaloups compliments compliments broccoli crowns black plums product of canada canada no.1 pommes de terre cauliflower product of usa or chou-fleur product of chile kiwi bas sereshieraiches medjool attitude caesar cesar bol save $1 asparagus product of usa or mexico asperges fresh attitude single product of usa préparations de salades individuelles product of usa amandes product of usa dattes

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