FreshCo. Flyer - 04/15-04/21/2021 (Page 2)

red seedless grapes product of chile or seedless oranges product of egypt or morocco green bell sweet peppers or green beans product of usa poivrons ou haricots verts strawberries product of usa or mexico green kiwi seedless cucumbers concombres broccoli product of usa or mexico andy boy rapini product of usa three ways you can count on us double fresh guaranteed or 500 ea lemons product of turkey citrons orri clementines product of israel clémentines cantaloupes pomegranates product of peru granny smith apples product of italy extra fancy grade bosc pears product of usa extra fancy grade save 98 or 75c ea or 2.50 ea red grapefruit product of turkey pamplemousse pineapples product of costa rica ananas plum tomatoes ginger root product of china compliments baby arugula spinach or spring mix printanier california walnuts tit" compass calego walnuts noix de grenoble dried figs tigues seches save 99€ or 3.50 ea or 1.66 ea or 1.66 ea product of ontario or mexico poivrons pansies 4" pot available at most locations while supplies last pensées compass walnut halves noix de grenoble sunny fruit dried figs figues séchées

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