FreshCo. Flyer - 03/19-03/25/2020 (Page 2)

low price royal gala apples pommes royal gala kinnow mandarins product of pakistan mandarines kinnow bag yellow onions product of ontario oignons jaunes foodland iceberg lettuce product of usa laitue iceberg ontro low price asparagus product of mexico asperges green bell sweet peppers product of usa poivrons verts fresh florida lowering food prices fresh florida bartlett pears product of south africa poires bartlett celery product of usa celeri black plums product of chile prunes noires yellow or white flesh nectarines nectarines save 50€ cantaloupes product of guatemala or honduras cantaloup green seedless grapes product of india or chile raisins verts product of spain oranges compliments baby arugula spinach or spring mix légumes-feuilles attitude olog canada wonderful wok pistachios wonderful altitude rince edward island can with wok potatoes pommes de terre canada pistachios 55°c ollt fresh attitude wok kits mélanges pour sauté pommes de terre roasted & salted shelled peanuts arachides en écale wonderful pistachios pistaches a2 a2

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