FreshCo. Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 5)

tradividually! maple leaf prime raised without antibiotics chicken drumsticks or thighs poulet schneiders prime aja raised without antibioties eleve sans antibiotiques mina save $1 simple veal sle prime raised without antibiotics eleve sans antibiotiques natural top dogs original save $2 save $1 fully cooked maple leaf top dogs smoked sausages chicken bologna or saucisses fumées ou bologne jamaican patty style ultimates janes patty palace jamaican patties patés jamaicains spicy beer ready for se group crunchy breaded fillets siralean ground chicken poul hashee save $5 1kg ground chicken janes ultimates chicken breast fillets frozen 920 g-1 kg filets de poulet poulet hache food prices power packed 1029 burgers tlapua cal oceni peroncies mina save $2 fish wings save $1 save $1 save $2 mina halal air chilled whole poulet eight treasures whole tilapia frozen 1.36 kg petoncles ou tilapia high liner power packed lightly breaded pollock burgers frozen burgers de goberge ou goberge sauvage green ocean basa fillets frozen 1.13 kg filets de pangasius compliant dempsters sporles jos louis bagels dempsters wat lorusinal the original save $1 save 50 white serener com petits gâteaux ou danoise compliments hamburger or hot dog buns 8 pk pain de seigle ou petits pains dempster's bagels 6 pk bagels dempster's white or whole pain san danilo batrybel su free mortadella mortadelle lata hummus complimente babubel baby b.22 smoked back font swiss-suisse the laughing cow la vache quirit save $150 lambon ford hummus save 806 locked & low save $250 mastro prosciutto cotto or capocollo 125 g san daniele charcuteries summer fresh dips or hummus trempettes ou hummus tre stelle bocconcini or feta tub fromage babybel 12 pk the laughing cow cheese 24 pk fromage a3 a3

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