FreshCo. Flyer - 01/21-01/27/2021 (Page 4)

casa red prince apples product of ontario canada fancy red anjou pears pint blueberries product of chile bleuets plum tomatoes tomates yellow peaches stem & leaf clementines pint seedless cucumbers concombres lowering food prices locked & low or 200 ea or 50c ea pommes de terre limes product of mexico lemons product of spain citrons seedless oranges oranges limes spaghetti squash ou spaghetti bosc or anjou pears product of usa extra fancy grade poires red seedless grapes raisins green bell sweet peppers poivrons rese dates deglet noor rts walter save 49€ save $649 product of usa coeurs de romaine compliments baby arugula spinach or spring mix jeune roquette épinards ou mélange printanler deglet pitted dates dattes bard valley medjool dates dattes

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