Highland Farms Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020

pick up local flavours fresh from foodland fresh savings effective sign-up for your e-flyer today at highlandfarms.ca fresh from ontario ontario farms follow us and get the latest deals & savings! highland farms startfresh bring home the sizzle foodland this summer foodland ontario ontario ontario funilda save more! save more! fresh ontario pork loin rib or sirloin chops ontario homegrown field tomatoes 3l basket lactantiu lamed huffer activia daning slactantia activia lactantia churned butter salted or unsalted miego danone or danino go 8x93ml selected varieties red or green seedless grapes product of u.s.a each mccain black diamond royale supercrisps mccain mccain super crisps braskus dejerener emirates old-for fries frites black diamond pizza mozzarella royale original original fries frees black diamond ucelona royale royale mccain superfries selected varieties frozen black diamond cheese bars 400g or shreds 320g assorted varieties royale facial tissue 2ply each

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